Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogger for a day

Today I decided I wanted to do something different in Second Life.
I started changing my style. My avatar does the style blonde, tidy. LOL. So I decided to follow my husband who was making an Elf in the game. But where to start? We look for good skins. Skins featuring the character. This is difficult. Because I'm boring to choose skin. Elf would have to have a different color. Then I remembered a store called PLASTIK. I always bought clothes there, but the skin would be the first time. I was surprised. The skins are beautiful and very detailed. Inclusive the color I chose. . After that I saw that the store has an arsenal of things to elves. Eyes, ears. So I bought everything I needed there. And now, what to wear? I opened and looked martkplace. I did not think outfit ready. There is a costume shop in SL, called Deviance, well made clothes. I found the clothes. And the hair? I love the hair of Maitreya, so I ran there. and feet? SLink, one of the best feet of SL. Now yes, complete look. I look like an elf or not? ahaaha!
People and after all that, I was not quiet. I wanted more! I wanted to blog about it! hahahaah! So here I am playing at being a blogger!
I want to congratulate all who do this every day. It is not easy. It's exhausting. Have to like a lot! Congratulations. I love blogs and now I know how much is really a hard work in searching for a complete look. Thanks girls for giving me space to yield a posting

And the most used poses made by me. lol. Purple Poses, my great passion within SL. Together with my husband, FabiaanO! hahaha!
I've always loved poses, do each one personally, with great affection. I really love what I do, just like us.

Here is my thanks to everyone who uses the poses of PURPLE. I am here for whatever comes. Just call me! Kisses :********** Audrey Guter.
(Sorry for my English)

- Skin, Eyes and Ears [Plastik]
- Outfit Deviance 
- Hair Maitreya
- Feet SLink
- Nails Mstyle
- Poses Purple Poses

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