domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

♥ DRD ♥

                                 - Hair - [e]  Break - Red 03
                                 - Skin - [PF] Elly <Sugar> 
                                 - Sweater - Fleshtone: FurSweater 
                                 - Pants -Fleshtone StillYoungTights      
                                 - Boots - Drd lazy boot tigh high lower 
                                                               - Tattoo - [Reckless] Death is certain Life is not-ZP HUNT5-
                                 - Bracelets - Drd spikeybracelet

sábado, 29 de outubro de 2011

Super Sexy Girls !!!

Styling Card

Isabella Brune-Black Canary
Skin-Al Vulo-  Sally * peach teeth claveage sunkissed
Hair -Analog. - tavern - light blondes
body - ISON - leather bustier
Tights -*blowpop*  Fishnet Tights -Black
Boots - :)(:- Ultimate Boots black 2.0.   
                                                       Gloves - G99- Spy Suit  (part of this cloth)

Tyta Brianna-Cat Woman-
Outfit - G356 The Cat
                                                              Boots - BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent
                                                             Skin - Lara Hurley-Kate
                                                            Tongue - (bean) cum on tongue

Laninha Kidd-Scarlet Witch
Outfit-MDC-Scarlet Witch
Hair-Analog Tavern brunette
Skin-Lara Hurley-katya doll tan
Eyelashes-Chaisuki- 22

Karin Palianta-Wonder Woman
Outfit- Tar-t Wonder Woman
Boots-Gos- Curvaceous Boots in Red
Hair-Analog-Lua Dark
Nails-Mstyle-Long Nails-Elegante
Eyelashes-Toxic Bish-Eyelashes Make up
Eyelashes 2- (AMD) Ultimate Lashes-Hot Mess
Eyeshadow- (AMD)-Cat Eye
                                                        Skin -Al Vulo-Vero
Poses By Boto Orfan

sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

:::Line:::,(AMD) & Sweet Sin New Releases !!!

Skin-(AMD)-Giselle-Peachy-Runway 2 New
Lashes-(AMD)-Ultimate Lashes-Hot Mess
Lingerie-:::Line:::-SatinCandy/Pink New
Nails-Mstyle-Perfect Long Nails-Colorful Colors
Earrings-Eluzion-Old Gift
Shoes-Mstyle-RIVEA Pumps Magenta
Tattoo Belly -Sweet Sin-Wanna Play?
Tattoo-Sweet Sin-Broken Heart
Tattoo Legs-Pekka-Legs Birds
Poses From Purple

quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Sticky Fingers New Dress!!!

Dress-Sticky Fingers-My Khaki Camo Cardigan Dress New
Hair-*Argrace*-Military Cap "Airy Long"
Belt-Pepper-Bullet Belt
Boots-TheAbyss-F_boots/stompers /black
Piercing-Pekka-Crankie Piercing
Skin-Al vulo- Sally Aniversary Gift
Poses From Purple

LOTD !!!

Top-DeeTaleZ-Sheer open back brown
Skirt-DeeTaleZ-torn open high rise brown leather
Tights-Mstyle-Roses Tigths Brown
Shoes-Mstyle-RIVEA Pumps Tan
Accessories-League-Wanderer Jewellery Set
Skin-(AMD)-Gislle-Carmel-Runway 3
Poses From Glitterati

♥ SpiritStore ♥

  -  Hair: >TRUTH< Rowena 
  - Skin : KRASOTA - Tatyana skin T. 1 m. 
  - Shirt : Kyoot - Laced Autumn Crop Top 
  - Shorts : Spirit Store - Nikita shorts 
  -Boots : *LPD* - *Lady* Boots Black (Left)
- Nekclace : $....OMG...$ Dress Necklace - Color Change
 - Leggings :  :: Fleshtone ::  Seamless Hooker Leggings

terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Beautiful Dirty Rich New Release !!!

Outfit-Beautiful Dirty Rich-Mafia Doll New
Hair-[69]-Jessica 02
Shoes-Mstyle-Goshi Pumps
Skin-Al Vulo-vero red
Poses From Purple


  Dress : $....OMG...$ Crochet Dress - Chocolate ((no free)
  Sandals : $....OMG...$ Shoes Pin UP - white (no free)
                      ♥  Beach ♥

Outfit -    $....OMG...$ Beach Bikine D (no free)

xoxo :*

♥ OMG ♥

* OMG * The store is the newest store in SL, you find it
accessories, clothing, bikinis and sandals at a great price, well worth checking out!
Not to mention that the store you will find several gifts. lol


                                          You will find several gifts, MM and subscribe in the store. lol
                                                                  TP to OMG

domingo, 23 de outubro de 2011

Fame.Less New Release !!!

Skin-Mons-Odela 2 TDR Blue 70L
Top-X-Ray-BaCK oFF TanK Red
Jacket-Toxic Kitty-Vixen Cropped Leather
Pants-Fame.Less-Fame.Less Low jeans New Release
Shoes-J'S-Plataform Pumps Red
Belt-Papper-Chunky Belt
Poses From Purple

Newsss !!!

Dress-Hucci-H.B.W.Dress Black New Release
Earrings & Nails-Mandala
Necklace-Miel-SHA Necklace
Eyeslashes-Glow-Rhapsody TDR
Skin-Glam Affair-Gio Light 75 L TDR
Poses From Purple

sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

Hucci New Release!!!

Dress-Hucci-D.Line Dress white New Release
Tattoo-Pekka-Leg Birds
Accessories-Miel-SHA SET
Nails-Mstyle-Perfect Long Nails
Eyelashes-Sorry Asia-
Poses From Purple

♥ Zombie Popcorn Hunt ♥

♥ Hair - .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ JULIA ~ Red VIII ( hunt zombie popcorn 5 ) ♥
♥ Skin - [Katsucide] Maike "Doll" Light CL  ( hunt zombie popcorn 5 ) ♥
♥ Band- -J.I.N.X- Bloody Blind Fold ( hunt zombie popcorn 5 ) ♥
♥ Dress -[ SAKIDE ] Bloody Baroque Bodice  ( hunt zombie popcorn 5 ) ♥
♥ Boots - ::Duh!:: Engineer Boots Black ( hunt zombie popcorn 5 ) ♥

♥ Poses from  Purple Poses (no free) ♥

quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

LOTD !!!

                                                               Skin-Al Vulo-Vero [black bronze]
                                                               Bow set-Pepper-Big Bow Set
                                                               Top-Zenith-Beige Caitlyn
                                                               Pants-*T.Whore*-Sweet Skinny Jeans Beije
                                                               Necklace & Bracelet-Miel-Chum
                                                               Earrings-League-Wanderer Jewellery Set
                                                               Belt-Miel-Cali Cords
                                                               Shoes-PM-T'S Plain Russet
                                                               Poses From Purple